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Take a vitamin for dog look back at how much better used to be before it became an overbearing, grotesque caricature of itself, à la Chris Berman and Emeril Lagasse.

Month Lowlights Screenshot
July 2002
  • moves out of odie's house
  • Several weak designs demonstrated
  • Job Blog launched
  • Rudimentary sidebar put in place July 2002 screenshot
August 2002
  • "Grotto of Torture" design debut
  • The Content Webring™'s banner added to sidebar for increased prominence
  • Pictures, Rush Week 2002, Friday 5:01 Song content modules debut
  • 8/29: Asstastic earns highest Google PageRank of all TCW™ member sites
  • 8/19: Lament of the Secretary II
September 2002
  • Ass-Stats appears for the first time
  • 9/19: First mention of the van pool
  • In-depth coverage of the Iowa vs. Iowa State game. Iowa lost.
October 2002
  • 10/9: AltaVista - The where is mcf return to ravenhearst Search Company votes me the second most sarcastic person in the world. Google soon follows suit, making the world's #1 sarcastic website
  • The Illuminating MSN Conversation debuts to little fanfare or acclaim
  • The redesigned Wing Challenge Resource Center chronicles Wing Challenge II: Buffalo Brawl
November 2002
  • Redesigned home page with tragically hip scanned leaf
  • Full-fledged dual sidebars appear
  • Ass-Poll, Mousewatch make first appearances
December 2002
  • Homepage redesigned again in simple "litter box" theme
  • and the Ass-Poll team up to provide intra-Webring™ integrated holiday-themed content.
January 2003
  • Deubt of the "Scarlet Letter" theme, which not one person commented on unless I told them. Ridiculous.
  • GRAYBOX built, Dial-A-Brew service premieres.
January 2003
February 2003
  • Ability to leave comments after each entry debuts February 9. Glen Worley participates & fouls.
  • premieres, provides little inspiration for undermanned team.
  • "Ice Book/zamboni" controversy rounds out the month.
February 2003
March 2003
  • Blahg started, asstastic falls into disarray
February 2003
April 2003
  • IE support dropped
  • Contact Frank Broz help module launched
May 2003
  • More of the same
  • Standards compliance touted, barely realized
June 2003
  • SprintWatch content featurette incites comment riots
  • July 2, 2003: Last known archive of

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