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GAMBLOR sez, "Curtailment: Bet on It!"

July 2, 11:30 am

In an attempt to gain a portion of the lucrative internet gambling market, Asstastic is pleased to announce THE CURTAILMENT TIME BETTING EXTRAVAGANZA! As anyone familiar with the University of Iowa's summer operations knows, "curtailment time" is a free downloadable mystery case files madame fate free download result of dog nutritional supplement the UI's cost-saving contract with the local energy concern. When the temperature is sufficiently high, they tell the University to curtail their energy usage for a period of several hours during peak power usage (usually noon-ish to 6 pm). As a result, air conditioners, overhead lights, and worker productivity are switched off. The workplace becomes unbearably humid in a surprisingly short amount of time, leading to low worker morale, sticky office chairs, and sweaty men's room urinals. Oh! how they sweat.

Here's how THE CURTAILMENT TIME BETTING EXTRAVAGANZA! works: on a potentially hot day, Asstastic will issue the odds for curtailment. If you wish to wager, post in the comments section. In the interests of not going broke, the maximum wager is $1 or a can of Budweiser. Should the University curtail, you win the proportion dictated by the odds! Should curtailment pass by this great public institution of higher learning, you forfeit your bet.

The odds of curtailment for Thursday, July 3 are: 5:2

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SprintWatch to include esoteric jokes from twenty-something wheezebag

June 18, 11:50 am

Only those who lost their right eye in a freakish boating accident have an excuse for not noticing the newest content featurette displayed on the right hand side of your screen: SprintWatch!

Those wishing to contact Frank Broz can continue to do so: relevant information is posted just below the SprintWatch blurb. Person who searched for "big broz song words," I'm looking in your direction.


Bastard candy

June 16, 1:20 pm

Jodi's Bastard Candy. My favorite? The quadriplegic Kraft caramel.