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Van rider infuriated by construction

June 11, 10 am

In the newest mystery case files ravenhearst download most notable incident of vitamin supplement for dogs van whining in recent memory, a member of the Marion van became visibily and audibly agitated near the end of Tuesday's return trip. From the back seat she wondered aloud why we insisted on taking Collins Road, one of the busiest main arteries in bustling Cedar Rapids, IA. "I don't know why he goes on Collins Road," she complained, barely concealing her imminent temper tantrum, "it's always so slow, and it's not safe either. We really should have taken Mount Vernon Road."

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More riveting "Site News"

June 2, 11:25 am

Blog upgraded to MoveableType. While the design is a little garish right now, it allows easy archiving, searching, and makes it easier for me to update. Which should mean more disgruntled work updates from me to you, faithful internet friend. SO DON'T COMPLAIN. Hopefully you've noticed by now that most of the updates to this site are going on there. My guess is that this is the last "post" on asstastic's front page. I'm working on moving it to a front page "portal" design similar to the one pioneered by Iversys. This next site iteration is outlined extensively in our Five Year Content Plan and is tenatively code-named Goldenfire Leopardgoat Kontent Explosion 3.5.


Standards compliance TO THE EXTREME

May 21, 11:15 pm

XHTML is here! Embrace it...COMPLY with it! Asstastic is tableless from this day forward, as well. "Nothing but div, as far as the eye can see."


Standards compliance for you, Pacific Bell Internet user

May 21, 9:25 am

I finally got around to shaping the heaps of stinking code (a result of rowdy PHP scripts) into gorgeous, standards-compliant HTML. There is a badge on the left side of the page to prove it.

I peruse the site stats fairly frequently as required by my OCD, and I've noticed that someone using Pacific Bell Internet dutifully checks this site about once a day. Whomever it is isn't the only person that does this, and only Our Lord can speculate on why these faithful few continue to visit, but I do feel guilty for not offering anything new and shiny lately. So, Pac-Bell Internet User, I dedicate this standards complaince to you.

The Content Webring PageRank™ Roundup for May 21, 2003: — 3/10
MattScott5000 — 2/10 — 2/10
Aunt Thrax — 1/10
Iversys — 1/10
.Frank — 0/10
MyTungsten.NET — 0/10


A Very Special™ Friday 5:01 Song

May 15, 8:30 pm

This week's number is, to me, the epitome of Friday 5:01. Because I care about you, this edition of Friday 5:01 is broadcast at a pristine high definition 320kbps bitrate. And what's better, you don't need any special dish or high-priced equipment to take advantage of the extra fidelity!



May 13, 11:15 pm

Blog has shed it's "Public Beta" prefix, which means only that there is a slightly smaller chance that I'll just delete the whole thing one angry morning. I added a small mp3 section to that page and gave you 5¢r|p7 k|dd|3z the ability to comment, too, so go to it.


You searched for it...

May 10, 9:15 pm

Antonio Alfonseca hand picture. Go ahead and count 'em...

Antonio Alfonseca hand picture

Neko Case Kutie. The rest of the (NSFW) collection is on her page on Kutie's website.

Neko Case picture

Shirtless Dennis Franz. All I could find was a picture of shirted Dennis Franz, sorry.

Shirted Dennis Franz