Mousewatch 2002: Field Log

Day 6 -- Outlook bleak

Fear that the free mystery chronicles murder among friends mouse may be sign of pro pet vitamins activity over past several days indicative of either 1) a very transient rodent or 2) death by mini butterfinger. One colleague has speculated that the peanut buttery goodness has done mouse this point my professional opinion leans toward this revised hypothesis but my heart cannot accept this prognostication...will retain hope of regaining contact but remain skeptical that mouse(s) will return anytime soon. TOmorrow: will unwrap hershey's kiss and leave in third drawer in hopes that removal of wrapper will entice hungry mouse to partake.

-- Filed by mmraw, 8:28 pm, 12 nov 02

Day 1 -- Experimental design

Experiment designed today for mouse...1 mini Butterfinger and 1 Hershey's Kiss (both in wrapper) placed side by side in 3rd drawer down where mouse activity has been observed most frequently...tho turds have been recorded in drawer 2, hypothesis holds that drawer 3 is dining room, drawer 2 is lavatory...2 semisweet candies placed side by side to guage mousal preferences.

Original evidence that spurred action on this investigation included below...note small bite marks on wrapper in characteristic hemispheric shape...chocolate eaten only directly below where wrapper was eaten, suggests a specimen with small snout or nose region unable to penetrate underneath wrapper to sweet morsels within...common north american shrew or titmouse suspected. Correction, titmouse not a rodent. Read: "common north american shrew or mouse suspected"...

mouse-eaten mini butterfinger

HYPOTHESIS -- predict mouse will take bites of both mini-butterfinger and hershey's kiss but return with more frequency to the mini Butterfinger... hypothesis that brightly-colored tin foil wrapping on H. Kiss will frighten and deter mouse... Hope to see results tomorrow at the earliest, expect to see results no later than Mon. following...

-- Filed by mmraw, 7:09 pm, 6 nov 02