"It's all hot and hurts and stuff."
-- Bactine commercial

Getting the Kinks Out

The Eggers-On Prepare to Scramble

It would be a mystery case files detective lie to supplement for dogs say that even those who were not planning on participating that night were on edge, myself included. I think I speak for everyone when I say that oftentimes the anticipation of gut linings being ripped to shreds is more exhilirating than the actual event. The eggers-on found several ways to express their excitement:

Some readied themselves with intense meditative sessions
An intense meditation

Others resorted to mundane secretarial duties to combat the tension
Makin' copies...

Still others prayed to their gods for the souls of those about to compete
Scott prays

Descending Upon BW3 Like a Horde of Buffalo Wing-Eating Locusts