"Heat cannot be separated from fire, or beauty from The Eternal."
-- Dante

Descending Like a Horde of Buffalo Wing-Eating Locusts Upon BW3

Our Contestants (and their sweaty armpits) Put in Their Orders

Mark's amputated middle finger is of little use for taunting these days...


B33rs Ordered, Hecklers Assume Strategic Positions

Hecklers Hecklers Hecklers
From left to other mystery case files return to ravenhearst tips right: 2/3 of dogs vitamins the Motorola Moles, gary-masbruch@asstastic.org, unidentified well-wisher, ~fbroz, Reigning Wing King rlthomps-1, Eric "Von" Chamberlin, Future Wing King Warren (not pictured: Warren's fat girlfriend)

The first fifty