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January 28, 2004

Sean Sonderleiter recorded his first dunk of the 2003-04 season in the second half of Iowa's game against Michigan tonight. Early reports out of Ann Arbor are sketchy but indicate that the dunk was of the one-handed, monster variety. It is not yet clear how many were injured. Stay tuned to dunksondydunk.com for updates as they become available.

Sondy, Hightower, and the Hawks OWN Ohio St.
January 25, 2004

7s were wild last night at Carver-Hawkeye Arena, as Sean Sonderleiter poured in 7 points and snared 7 boards while the rest of the men's basketball team bludgeoned Ohio State mercilessly, 79-65. Sondy remained dunkless though had a couple of opportunities to flush one home on smaller, more European players. Honorably, he chose not to embarrass those players further and opted for the much tougher lay-up or fall-away jumper.

It's no secret that Ed Hightower loves being the center of attention, and Sondy clearly found it difficult to compete with The Tower's on-court presence. Credit Sonderleiter's incredible focus and pre-game preparation for allowing him to shrug off strange call after strange call from the afro'd veteran ref.

Two hours twenty minutes and fifty-seven fouls later, Sondy had a respectable 1-7 mark from the foul line and the Hawks had a respectable "W." Coach Steve Alford credited Sondy for his tough interior play and astutely noted that without Sondy's offensive contributions the game would have been slightly closer. General Wes Clark OSU Coach Jim O'Brien singled out Sondy as head gasket in the Hawkeye offense last night, and we at DUNK SONDY DUNK are inclined to agree with his metaphor. Without Sondy, this Iowa team would have coolant in their cylinders and a severe loss of compression.

The DUNK SONDY DUNK player of the game for Saturday, January 24: Sean Sonderleiter.

The one man dunking show takes his act on the road next week, to foreboding Crisler Arena to take on the Michigan Mulvarines.

Sonderleiter now Iowa's go-to guy in the middle!!
January 16, 2004

Late breaking news out of Iowa City--Jared Reiner has suffered a stress fracture in his foot and will be out of the lineup indefinitely. Sean Sonderleiter is expected to take his place in the starting lineup. Sondy will no doubt see increased minutes, increased responsibilities in the lane, and increased opportunities to DUNK!!! We at DUNK SONDY DUNK of course wish Jared a speedy recovery but anticipate that there will be little dropoff during his absence. As for Sondy's backup--the academically-troubled Erek Hansen--fans will finally get a chance on Saturday to see the highly-anticipated Nick Smith vs. Erek Hansen matchup. Fourteen feet, six inches and 200 pounds of man duking it out down low. One man with teenaged facial hair and acne, the other with a penchant for skipping class. Big Ten basketball at its finest, folks.

You better lose yourself in the music, the moment
You own it, you better never let it go
You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow
This opportunity comes once in a lifetime yo

Sondy earns starting spot, propels team to victory
January 14, 2004

A resurgent Sondy--complete with the badass attitude on display during the 2002-03 season--earned the starting spot over the unproductive Jared Reiner and went on to rack up 12 points and four monster rebounds over 22 short minutes in Iowa's marathon 83-68 victory over Minnesota Tuesday night. Though Sondy was unable to dunk, he did try to re-break the face of the guy in the Bill Laimbeer facemask toward the end of the game, eliciting cheers from fans across the state who were sick and tired of Minnesota's Hack-a-Sondy strategy. Tough interior play, a Sondy trademark!

The DUNK SONDY DUNK player of the game for Tuesday, January 13: Sean Sonderleiter.

SONDY DUNKS... after the whistle
January 12, 2004

Sondy tantalized the online free mystery case files return to ravenhearst tips fourteen fans on hand for Saturday's loss to skin and coat supplements for dogs lowly Northwestern University, skying over a befuddled opponent to deliver a tooth-rattling dunk midway through the first half. Unfortunately, the whistle had blown and a foul had been spotted on our man—Sondy trotted down to the defensive end with a befuddled look on his face, never to come close to dunking again in the game. We at DUNK SONDY DUNK! can only hope that Sondy's post-offensive foul jam is a sign that the dunking beast is ready to emerge from hibernation.

Sondy pushes an unidentifed Arab out of the way in pursuit of his first dunk of 2003-04.

Slow start continues for Sondy
January 8, 2004

Sondy remains dunkless through the first game of the Big 10 season. DUNKSONDYDUNK.com will remain in low power mode until Sondy decides to crank it up. One note unrelated to dunking: Sondy was spotted at The Airliner with teammates after last night's victory over hated rival Purdue. Reports say that Sondy was "very happy" and no one has come forward to deny a report that he was arm-wrestling with Glen Worley for the rights to the spot on the bench next to the affable Sam Alford.

Sondy off to slow start

Hampered by a sore knee, Sondy has seen less time on the floor in the first three games this year than fans would like. Though the team is off to a 3-0 start, it's hard to imagine the team continuing to play well without Sondy's dunking presence stalking the interior of the lane.

With Glen Worley sitting out until early January with a broken fouling hand, it appeared at the start of the season that Sondy would see a majority of the minutes at the floor general position. However, that role has been ceded to teammates Pierre Pierce and Jeff Horner while Sondy sits (usually motionless) on the bench.

Only time will tell the fate of Sondy and the rest of the 2003-04 Hawkeye basketball team.

Sondy Free to Dunk

Randy Larson, the attorney representing Sonderleiter, released a statement Tuesday stating Sonderleiter has been discharged from probation and reached plea agreements on two other criminal charges filed this month.

"He didn't know about the hearing until he read about it in the newspaper," Larson said.

The hearing was scheduled because the state never received written confirmation that Sonderleiter, 22, of 2411 Bartelt Rd., had completed 25 hours of community service as part of a deferred judgment he received this year following a guilty plea to marijuana possession.

The UI senior had performed 15 hours of community service at the Ronald McDonald House by June 2003, which he thought was the standard he had to meet, Larson said.

"As soon as he found out he had to do more, he went out and took care of it," Larson said Tuesday.

Sonderleiter completed an additional 10 hours of service at the Ronald McDonald House and The Salvation Army, according to court documents.

> BREAKING NEWS! Sondy charged with 5th degree theft!

Sonderleiter has been charged with fifth-degree theft for leaving a UI parking lot without paying his fee.

"It was a little stupid thing that shouldn't have happened but did, and I have to deal with it," he said after the game. "I'm not suspended or anything, as of now. It's a little misunderstanding. I didn't pay on my way out of the dental lot."

"They don't make enough money off parking around here, I don't think," he said casually. "You know how that is."

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